The Best Choice For Low Vision

Low Vision at Suburban Eye Care

In our low vision center, we work with patients whose vision loss prevents them from doing those activities and tasks they wish to do. We restore the ability to read, write, recognize faces, watch television, safely drive and more.

Dr. Jacobi and Low Vision Patient

Vision Loss can cause anxiety & depression. Low Vision care improves quality of life!

Signs and symptoms that you or your loved one have low vision:

  • Need for others to read materials, such as menus or prescription bottles
  • Difficulty seeing objects far away, such as street signs
  • Falling or near falling/tripping
  • Avoidance of people or places
  • Increased need for illumination
  • Avoidance or anxiety of night driving
  • Constantly complaining about not seeing well
  • Bumping into objects


Learn how we’ve helped others to regain function and independence.

“I can’t believe what a difference these glasses make!”

Alice Carr

Wearing Full Diameter Telescopic Glasses

“I can see the television, read, cook, and even drive again!”

Jim Spas

Wearing telescopic glasses

“These glasses have helped me so much in my daily life.”

Mother Regina Mary Kust

Using Bioptic Glasses