From high prescriptions to low prescriptions, sensitive to changes or stoic, we have a perfect, custom fit for you.

Over 900 styles and shapes, colors and price points, we always find a fram to LOVE – from children to adult! Variety We individualize lenses because we have access to ALL lenses
If it’s in our Optical Boutique, then it has met the exacting standards of our Opticians! Exacting Standards Doctors set your prescription based on your needs; Opticians match materials to your lifestyle!

Let our Opticians be your personal stylists!

Benefit from our expertise – come see us for our Professional Services!

  • Professional Adjustments: Millimeters can matter greatly with your glasses. Visit us and get them realigned for your comfort and best sight
  • Solutions to every visual need! Going scuba diving; we have glasses for that. Your kids play soccer; we have sport glasses. You name it; we can help!

Spa Service for Your Eyewear

Stop in to give your glasses the full treatment:

  • Professional cleaning
  • Readjustment
  • Inspection, tightening, repair
Spa Treatment at Suburban Eye Care

Enjoy our “spa” service today!

Eye Wear At Suburban Eye Care